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The Sprinter Consulting Story

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Mitchell Pousson II / November 10, 2019

Chapter 1:

Like many eager college graduates, our CEO quickly landed a corporate job but shortly after became disenfranchised with the mundane and tedious work. Out of his frustrations with dated processes, insufficient software, and unreasonable hours, he quit his day job in order to pursue technology consulting.

Chapter 2:

After giving up his comfortable position at a well-known enterprise, he embarked on a journey to positively impact the corporate world. However, he was going to do it his way. Instead of creating a product, and then fishing for a potential customer like most software developers, he decided to work backwards through consulting first, and creating second. By approaching the business directly and finding out their specific needs before designing the technology, Sprinter Consulting became the first of its kind.

Chapter 3:

After having some success, Sprinter's CEO realized that through technology, he could pretty much work anywhere. This drove him into creating software that allowed more people to do the same thing. By focusing on ways to make businesses more efficient, he began freeing many professionals from the chains of their office cubicles. Sprinter now currently works with several businesses to cut out the clutter in order to focus on the work that matters.

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